Monday, January 17, 2011

Long overdue post

Well, I'll try this again. I sort of lost interest in posting because I didn't have much to talk about, but I think maybe little things are ok to talk about in a daily blog. So here's to appreciating little things.
There's no mail today. This is really dissapointing, because the mailbox is usually a treat for me. I get a lot of free stuff in the mail, so it feels like a little celebration every time I open the box. Don't worry, I still get bills and icky things like that. So, no mail today, just hanging out doing laundry with the hubby. This is something to be appreciated as well. Things are going very well this week. Bret made me breakfast and is helping me with laundry. Oh and the cats are helping with laundry as well, there is nothing better than running through a pile of laundry fresh from the dryer. Its a good start to the day.
I recieved some good books from freecycle yesterday, and am hoping to sit back and read them soon. Maybe I will remember to post something here tommorrow. I just read a friend's blog and just really impressed that she can remember to post every day. I will try to do that as well.

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